The main objective of this Hostel is to facilitate an all-round development for its inmates to become responsible citizens of our country. They should involve themselves to derive maximum benefit from the various opportunities provided. The behaviour of a boy, reflects to a great extent, his family background and upbringing. So, the boarders should lead a noble and dignified life, bringing credit to their parents and the school.

Rules and Regulations

1 Admission to the hostel is open to the students of Std. VI and above only.
2 Boarders will be allowed to go home during the vacations that follow the three Terminal Examinations. Smaller boys should be accompanied, both when leaving for the vacations and when returning, by their parents or an authorized person.
3 Letters sent through messengers or applications for exceptional, unavoidable leave should contain the specimen signature of the parent or guardian and the signature should match the specimen signatures in the hostel diary.
4 On leaving and returning, all boys should report to the Principal and the Prefect with the hostel diary, with the relevant columns duly filled up and signed.
5 Replies to communications addressed to the General Prefect will be prompt, if self-addressed covers are enclosed.
6 All correspondence of the boarders with their parents is considered as a matter of duty and every Sunday is assigned for this purpose.
7 All the letters or money orders or parcels sent to or from the school should be forwarded through the General Prefect and are subject to his inspection.
8 Catholic boarders should frequent the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion. They must attend Holy Mass daily.
9 The boarders are under the constant supervision of the Brothers.
10 The discipline is firm and kind, as parental authority demands.
11 All articles should be marked preferably with red thread with the hostel (account) number allotted to the pupil on admission to the hostel.
12 Payment of the Mess Bill on or before the day indicated, by mean of draft or M.O., is to be made to the General Prefect by designation and not by personal name. Similarly all correspondence should be addressed to the General Prefect.
13 When the parents and guardians come to visit their children in the hostel, they should report to the Brother-in-Charge before contacting the boy.
14 Boarders are forbidden to bring to the hostel costly articles and gold ornaments. The Management will not be held responsible for any loss.
15 Boarders are forbidden to leave the school compound without permission.
16 They are strictly warned that they should neither lend nor borrow money from other students. They should not enter into any transactions with the day-scholars or others.
17 Any boarder who is dismissed from the hostel on disciplinary grounds stands ipso facto dismissed from the school also.
18 All rules and regulations of the hostel must be strictly adhered to.
19 Everyone should speak English inside the school campus.
20 Boarders will be permitted one "Visiting Week-End" every term and one "Visitors' Day" every month. During "Visiting Week-Ends", the boys may go home and on "Visitors' Days", the boys may be visited by parents, guardians, etc. The schedule of dates will be published in June every year.
21 Boarders leaving the boarding automatically leave the school. They are not permitted to attend school as day-scholars.
22 Taking into account the overall development of the boys and in the interest of better discipline in the hostel, parents/guardians are not to disturb their sons/wards with unnecessary leave/visits.
23 Parents/ Guardians are also not to seek permission for 'overnight stay', even on local/weekly holidays, for their sons/wards outside the school campus.

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